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Are you a student affairs professional with insight to share?

When it comes to implementing higher education law and policy, we recognize that there is not one silver bullet solution for every college campus and community. Campus Law Considered is a community dedicated to spreading awareness and education on important matters of student, staff, and faculty safety and well-being.

We are always looking for thoughtful and practical blog post submissions sharing promising practices, research findings, case studies, opinions, and advice about law and policy issues regarding Title IX, campus safety, student health and well-being, and student rights. We believe your experience and knowledge can help thousands of student affairs professionals stay informed and make campuses across the country safer, healthier, and more equitable.

Why Should You Contribute?

To help advance the field. By submitting an article sharing your experiences and insights, you’ll help other student affairs professionals make their campuses safer, healthier, and more equitable.

To advance your career. We have thousands of student affairs professionals who subscribe to the Campus Law Considered blog. You’ll have the opportunity to get your ideas heard and connect with other thought leaders who share your passion.

Submission Guidelines

Here’s What We’re Looking For:

  • We want practical articles with tips and tools student affairs professionals can apply immediately within their roles on campus. Here are some examples of topics:
    • Tips for Getting Your University President on Board with the Four Corners of Title IX Compliance
    • Why We Switched to an Investigator’s Model for Student Conduct and Title IX Investigations
    • 5 Practices for Better Disability Documentation for College Students
  • Submissions should be between 250 and 800 words in length.
  • Authors are encouraged to adopt a more practical and informal tone than is expected in academic journals.
  • Please source any statistics or studies referenced in the post with a link. This way, readers can follow your line of thinking and investigate further if they want to know more.
  • Articles should be original works, meaning your submission has not been registered for copyright or published elsewhere (either on paper or electronically) prior to publication on Campus Law Considered.
  • Secondary sources must be recognized, either informally in text or formally using APA style.

How to Submit Your Blog Post

Email your article as a document attachment to Karin Van Voorhees. We will respond within two weeks of submission. 

Thank you for your interest in contributing to Campus Law Considered and continuing to build awareness and education on Title IX, campus safety, student health and well-being, and student rights.